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Dogecoin Info Site

This site presents Dogecoin a crypto currency based on the famous Doge Meme. The crypto currency is regarded as the most social crypto currency with a couple of memorable crowd funding campaigns. Like for the Sochi Winter Olympics, Doge4Water and NASCAR.

First Steps

1. To participate you only need to install an application called wallet from here

2. Earn and Spend Dogecoin.

Dogecoin Earning Possibilities

There are serveral possibilities to earn Dogecoin. As the world around Dogecoin is changing all the time the links are updated regularly. Here are the sites I have tested and recommend:


Enter your wallet address on one of these sites and they will pay you a small amount of Dogecoin directly to your wallet. This process can be repeated after a certain reload time. A few faucets which really pay out can be found here:

Link Reload Earnings 24 h 1 Dogecoin 1 h 1-5 Dogecoin 2 h 1-5 Dogecoin 5 min 2.5 Dogecoin 1 hour 1 Dogecoin


Do small jobs to earn Dogecoin:


Exchanges are used to convert crypto currencies of different kinds. I tried many different exchanges. The ones I like most are listed here:

Crowd Funding

From time to time there are crowd funding campaigns as listed here. Most of them are presented in the official Dogecoin subreddit. This is what made the doge community what it is today so try to be generous.


One of the greatest things you can do with your dogecoin. Support people by tipping them a few dogecoins or get tipped for the things you do. To simplify the process the convenient Dogetipbot is offered.